Clay masses (plastic)

The plastic clay bodies consist of a mixture of several clays with or without addition of chamottes. The body 8/ contains calcite; the slab-masses 4/P and 9/P also contain talc. The masses are packed in plastic bags à 10kg and can be kept very long if tightly closed. The technical infomation can only be illustrative. Diviations are possible.

If you order 1000kg or more we can alter or produce masses according to your wishes.

Applications for our clays

/ Without grogs for throwing and building up small things with little and regular mural thickness

/ZF, SF, FS, L minutely grogged for throwing and building up

/S grogged for building up bigger works

/M highly grogged for building up bigger works, for plates and Raku

/GS coarsely grogged for rough surfaces, big sculptures and Raku

/P for plates and stove tiles largely safe against curling up during drying and burning


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