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Porcelain painter

Porcelain painter with a brush-tip

Porcelain painter can be delivered in 14 different colours with a brush-tip. After hardening the colours are suitable for the dish-watsher up to 160°C. Ceramics and porcelain can be decorated long-lastingly with the porcelain painters. The best result in colour is reached on a light or rather white foundation. A thorough cleaning of the objects which should be decorated is indispensible since fat and dust hinder the adhesion of the colour on the surface. We recommend to clean the objects in a normal dish-washer before the decoration. The colours are hardened for 90mins at 160°C (kiln or oven). If the temperature is lower than the adhesion is poorer. If the colours are burnt above that temperature for a long time the organic part of the onglaze colours dissolves; the coat turns dark because of the destruction of the stain and/or peels off of the ground.

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